Cameron Hull for Chilliwack City Council o

Cameron Hull For Chilliwack City Council

Positive Change For Our Changing City

Building For Our Future
Our City is at a very exciting and scary time. A time of immense potential and incredible challenges. We need leadership and partnerships from all facets of our city if we are to grow into the inclusive, respectful, thriving city we all want
The next piece of the housing affordability crisis that will be affecting of city is Demovictions. Demovictions cause hardworking families to become homeless, through no fault of their own. The city has a positive role to play in curbing demovictions. We can work creatively with developers to ensure that as our city continues to grow, people, families don't get left behind.

We will have to have a strategy of how to deal with and regulate short term rentals, or air bnbs. Homeowners should have the right to use their home as they see fit. However we must ensure that there is a level playing field and that zoning and land use is being up held.

The era of building without thought for proper long term planning must end. When I can drive to Abbotsford in the same time it takes to drive to Fairfeild Island, that is a problem   
Respecting Our Past
If you forget where you have been, you will lose track of where you are
going. As we move to the future it is important we don't forget what
got us here. We must respect the hard work, determination and history
that has gotten us this far

Respecting our past is much more then protecting old buildings. Mind you we can make is easier for building owners to do that. It is also talking truth to that past. It is about acknowledging the unceded land of our province and our city. It is about remembering and returning to a time when our city celebrated our diversity with proclamations and flag honours at city hall. It is also about realizing that sometimes "the old ways of doing something" are not always the best ways.
Taking Care of Today
Our infrastructure is at the core of what we do as a city. We must have safe roads, clean water, emergency services and basic services. While we move our city forward we must move forward in a way that builds the infrastructure to support all of us.
The number one issue I'm hearing from people is crime. What we are doing is not working. If we as a city can not keep our residents safe, what is the point of anything else? We need to give our protective services the resources they need. Too many of our laws are openly being broken without consequence. We need to start telling the RCMP to enforce our laws. If they are unwilling or unable. We must be willing to find other options.

It is time we started working with an collaborating with various levels of governments or outside agencies, in a meaningful way. For example the city will not fix the opiode epidemic. However the city does have a part to play in working with Fraser Health to ensure the infrastructure is in place to combat the epidemic.

Not as dire but almost all of our infrastructure has a collaborative component to it. From parks to police. From roads to trails. If we act like we have all of the answers or that we only want "made in Chilliwack" solutions we all miss out.