Cameron Hull for Chilliwack City Council o
Cameron Hull for Chilliwack City Council

Positive Change For Our Changing City 

Years ago I asked a group of young people. Who changes the world? The answer. The ones that show up. It is time to show up
Chilliwack. It is time to change our little part of the world. As we grow and prosper, lets all prosper together.
I welcome you to Show Up. Join the conversation. Join the team. Get involved.

On this site you will learn what drives me. What is important to me. I also want to hear about the issues that are affecting you. What is important to you?
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Our City is at a very exciting and scary time. A time of immense potential and incredible challenges. We need leadership and partnerships from all facets of our city if we are to grow into the inclusive, respectful, thriving city we all want. Read more to see how we can 
"The only people that changed the world are the ones that showed up"
Show up, be the difference in our city. We would be happy to have you join our team.
Recent changes to election finance laws have given elections back to the people. With donation limits. No more are corporate or union donations accepted. No longer can the rich buy their way into city hall.
Are You Ready to Show Up??
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